At Platinum Roofing in Toowoomba we ensure you have a roof that can withstand the worst Southeast Queensland’s weather can throw at it. Our team of Toowoomba roofers offers a range of services from inspections and cleans to full roof replacements.

If you’re looking to replace an ageing roof, or building a new home or extension, then the team at Platinum Roofing can help you.

Our fully qualified and skilled roofing contractors have over 20 years of experience n replacement roofs. With high-quality workmanship and a range of Colorbond roofing options, we can help you choose the right roof for your home.

If you would like to ask us anything or get a quote you can give the office a call today.

You can trust us to be honest about whether you need a repair or a roof replacement. We always advise the best solution. Contact our friendly team today at Platinum Roofing for help deciding if you need a new roof, or see our FAQ page for answers to some of the most common questions we hear.

Quality Metal Roofing

We proudly use only premium quality Colorbond and BlueScope steel in all our new roofs and roofing replacements. BlueScope has developed and tested Colorbond for Australian conditions. 



It has a lifespan of several decades, so you know your roof will be durable. Metal roofing is also much more flexible design-wise, allowing for greater creative freedom. Our metal roofs are built to last, so whether you need to replace an old roof or put one on a new build, we can help.



What are the benefits of colorbond roofing?



Colorbond roofing is one of Australia’s leading roofing materials and has a range of benefits including:

  • Highly durable
  • Huge range of colours
  • Lightweight
  • Fire resistant
  • 100% recyclable
  • Energy efficient

Get In Touch

For all your roof replacement needs, or if you have any questions about our roofing services, don’t hesitate to contact us at Platinum Roofing. 

When Should I Replace My Roof?

A new roof is great to have, but it’s never something you want to pay for. A roof replacement is necessary sometimes and here at Platinum Roofing we can help. Before you decide it’s time for a new one, it’s a good idea to know what signs might indicate the need to do so. If you notice any of the following on your roof, give us a call and we can help you replace or repair your existing roof.


Leaks In Your Roof

One of the best places to look for indications that your roof needs to be replaced is in your attic. Check for light coming through and if you notice any leaks, you definitely need to have your roof looked at. Going into the attic to look for damage is easier than getting on the roof so start there.



Old Age

If you’re unsure when you last had a new roof put on or you recently bought your house, pull out the paperwork and check for when the roof was last replaced. Some roof materials can last for decades, but others need to be replaced every 20 years or so. If it’s been a while, we can help you determine if it’s time to get a new roof.



Obvious Signs of Damage 

Some kinds of damage can be fixed, but if you notice extensive damage on your roof or it’s very bad, you may be better off getting a brand new roof. Lost or missing shingles, broken tiles, buckled areas, cracks or rotting spots are all indications that your roof may be done and that it needs to be replaced right away.


Drooping or Sagging

Chances are that if your roof is sagging or drooping anywhere, it’s going to need to be replaced. That’s true even if you only notice it in some spots. It’s an even bigger problem if it’s all over. This could indicate rotting wood or structural issues that will only get worse if they aren’t taken care of as soon as possible.


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