Roofing replacement & restoration questions

If your home has been damaged in a storm or you’re looking for a team to maintain your factory roof, Platinum Roofing can help. With more than 20 years of experience in roofing our team is able to answer any queries about your project.

Read on for some common questions our roofers in Toowoomba get about our services and if you would like to book a quote give the team a call.

A: For a domestic roof repair or restoration your quote can take as little as 1–2 days. There may be delays during busy periods such as after a particularly bad storm, but we will advise you of this so that you aren’t kept waiting. For large commercial jobs or complete roof replacements it may take longer. This is because there are more elements to be decided like fascia and guttering profiles and colour selections.
A: This depends on the size and complexity of your roof, but in many cases the old roof will be off in the morning and the new one will be on in the afternoon. We will ensure everything is cleaned up, old materials are disposed of and the new roof checked to be watertight before we leave.
A: You may not want to be present while we conduct any extensive roof work—in fact, many prefer not to as it can be disruptive. All we need is safe access to your roof, so it isn’t necessary for you to be home when we visit. We ask that you make sure any pets that don’t like strangers are safely relocated, any gates are unlocked and your driveway is clear.
A: When replacing or repairing a roof we only take it off in manageable sections that can be quickly covered up. If bad weather is on the way we may even delay your roof work—better safe than sorry!
A: Not necessarily. Most new roofs, whether as part of an entirely new building or re-roofing, will likely be covered for materials and workmanship. Before signing any contract with a builder make sure you understand what your warranty covers. Likewise with your insurance make sure that if you live in an area prone to natural disasters that you are covered for weather damage.
Scaffolding around roof - Roof Replacements Toowoomba, QLD