Insurance replacement for storm damage

Storm season runs from September until March every year, but with Platinum Roofing you can be prepared all year round. With more than 2 decades of experience in roofing we know what to do with your roof after serious storm damage.

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Preparing your roof for fire & storm season

  • Clear guttering and downpipes of debris
  • Trim overhanging branches
  • Have an emergency plan, including supplies if the power is cut off, make sure everyone in your house knows it
  • Inspect your roof, gutters and downpipes for rust, mould or mildew
  • Secure any objects that could be thrown around in strong winds, this includes children’s toys and lawn ornaments
  • Have one of our expert roofers perform an inspection or maintenance on your roof to ensure it’s in top condition

If your roof has been damaged in a storm

  • Never touch fallen powerlines – if you see that powerlines near your building have been damaged stay away and contact your local power company
  • Keep children and pets inside until you know it’s safe
  • When safe, take photos of the damage for your insurance company
  • If a tree has fallen on your building, avoid going on the roof yourself to check the damage and stay outside of the affected building
  • Contact Platinum Roofing to assess and repair any damage